Products from Milton Barber Photography

Milt in Ethiopia

Standard OnLine Products

(i.e. things that can be ordered directly from this web site)
  • Unmounted, unframed prints of any of my images. These prints are available with any combination of the following papers and sizes. The larger sizes are shipped securely in a shipping tube.
    Paper                 Short Side Length
    Archival Semi-Gloss
    Archival Matte
    Archival Canvas
  • "Gallery Wrap" prints of any of my images (i.e. unframed canvas prints mounted on a framework but with printed edges that are folded over and visible, so the print shows depth). These prints are available in sizes of 12", 16", or 20" on the short side, and have a protective coating (so they can be hung as is). These prints are shipped in a box.
  • Rights-Managed Licenses to any image, delivered by download.

Special OnLine Products

(i.e. things that need some email communication to nail down specifics and prices)
  • Framing. Any print can be custom framed in a wide variety of ways, either with with special hand-made frames or with commercially available frames.
  • Other sizes (limited to 23" on the short side).
  • Other papers or substrates (including metal).
  • Other photographic treatments of the images.
  • Etc., Etc.

Local Products

  • Residents of the Santa Cruz, CA area can see a rotating selection of my prints on display (and for sale) at Scotts Valley Artisans, 230-D Mount Hermon Road, Scotts Valley, CA (located in the Kings Village shopping center, Map here).

Product FAQ

  • Question: Is the white watermark seen here present on the prints or on the downloads?

    Answer: No. This watermark is present only to deter Internet theft of the images.

  • Question: What about the quality of the prints?

    Answer: The quality of the prints I sell is my principal concern. I do not use a commercial lab — I do all the printing myself in my own lab and the printing is done to fine art standards. I use only the very finest archival materials (paper by Hahnemuhle with Canon LUCIA long life pigment inks), and I pay careful attention to the colors and the other properties of the print. (The science of digital color management has undergone an enormous advance in the last few years, making it now possible for a small printing operation like mine to deliver color fidelity equivalent to that of high-end speciality printing labs.) I sign all of my prints.

  • Question: How long will these prints last?

    Answer: Unless mistreated (like being displayed in direct sunlight), you can expect these prints to last without visible change for many decades. (If you are interested in technical test results, try this link.)

  • Question: What is your return policy?

    Answer: Your satisfaction is guaranteed on all prints. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with a print, please send me an email. According to your wishes, I will then either send you a refund or I will replace the print for free. Also, depending on the situation, I will either ask you to return the print to me (at my expense) or to discard the print.

  • Question: What about shipping and delivery?

    Answer: I ship via USPS Priority mail. The prices shown for all prints include shipping. Unless I am away on a trip, you can expect to receive your print within 2 weeks of placing the order. Shipping outside the US is a special order.

  • Question: Do you offer a discount to Interior Decorators?

    Answer: Yes. I offer a 20% discount to members of ASID on orders of 3 or more prints. Send me an email with your name and your ASID certification number and I will create a coupon code for you.

  • Question: How do I place an order for a standard online product?

    Answer: Clicking on the link  »See Prices  takes you to a page that shows prices and lets you add a print or a download to your shopping cart. After that you can either continue shopping or proceed to checkout. This link is found on the  Individual Image View  page and also under each small thumbnail image on pages with small images.

  • Question: How do I place an order for a special online product?

    Answer: Please send me a detailed email and I will reply with a quote. Use the contact link above, or email to "sales [at] miltonbarber [dot] com".

  • Question: What forms of payment do you accept?

    Answer: I take Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards. For special orders, other means of payment can be arranged.

  • Question: Can I save images I'm interested in and view them or buy them later?

    Answer: Yes. When you place images into your shopping cart, you are offerred the chance to create a personal account for yourself. Having an account lets you leave the site and return later, logging into your account to view (or to buy) what ever is in the shopping cart. If you do not create a personal account, when you leave the site, images saved in the cart are lost. Personal accounts also give you the ability to check on the status of your orders, and to view special invitation-only galleries. Another way to establish a personal account is by clicking on the "Log in" link above. Your email address, your name, and a password of your choice are needed to create an account. Your personal information is kept strictly private -- it is not disclosed to anyone.

  • Question: Why do you only specify the short side length? How long are the images?

    Answer: As a general rule, I crop my images according to the artistic demands of the image itself, not according to a need to fit the image onto any particular size of paper or into any particular size of frame. Thus my images have a wide variety of aspect ratios (i.e. the ratio between the sides). If you wish to determine the long side length of a print you order, multiply the short side length by the aspect ratio which is found on the  Individual Image View  page.

  • Question: What kind of paper should I order?

    Answer: The choice of paper for a print depends on the display context and the display intent. Semi-gloss paper is the standard, and has the advantage of being able to express a slightly wider range of colors than the other choices. Matte paper has a wonderful surface texture and adds a distinctive "arty" feeling to a print, but unless you use a non-reflective glazing, the surface texture is somewhat hidden. Canvas gives the feeling of a painting to the print. (The kind of canvas I use does not obscure the resolution of fine details.) To order a canvas print, select "Art" paper on the pricing page.

  • Question: Why don't you offer conventionally framed prints as a standard order?

    Answer: The framing of striking, high-quality prints like these is an issue that deserves careful consideration. For best effect, the framing style should reflect some aspect of consistency with the room in which it will hang and with the display intent. In addition, there are an enormous number of possible framing styles. Thus I really need to discuss the matter of framing with you.

    Also, it is worth remembering that shipping a large framed and glazed print is a considerably more expensive and risky endeavor than shipping a plain print in a shipping tube. If what you want is a large print framed with a commercially available frame, it is possible you will be better off to buy the unframed print and take it to a local framing shop.

  • Question: Why do you offer the "Gallery Wrap" style of mounting as a standard order?

    Answer: The "Gallery Wrap" style of mounting canvas is a popular style nowadays, and it is also a good match for my style of photographs, particularly the flowers and plants and trees. I offer this style of mounting because it differs from ordinary framing in several key ways:

    • It requires no aesthetic choice by the user as to the style of the visible frame (because there isn't one).
    • The print can only be printed when the precise depth of the wrap frame is known.
    • There is no glazing to break during shipping.
    • Also, since the usual intent is to hang the print without glazing, the print must be given a protective coating with a special material that is compatible with the printer inks but that will not degrade with age, and this material must be applied in a constrained time interval before the canvas is stretched onto the frame.